Cicatrix Labs

Uniquely Effective Cannabis Products

Providing targeted cannabinoid therapies for your most intimate needs

Introducing: Assuage and Bloom.

Cicatrix Labs

Uniquely Effective Cannabis Products,
Designed with You in Mind

Our focus is on providing uniquely effective cannabis products with superior quality, specificity, and outcomes. We provide options to the non-traditional cannabis user looking for a product to suit their individual wellness goals.


Female-owned pharmacist founded micro-processor.


Located in the heart of BC in the Okanagan Valley

Cannabis Product Manufacturing

We hold a sales amendment for extracts, edibles and topicals and have distribution Canada wide

Assuage: 'To Make an Unpleasant Feeling Less Intense or to Satisfy'

Assuage Suppositories and Topicals

Soothe pain and discomfort with natural ingredients. Fast-acting suppositories target discomfort, while gentle topicals provide lasting relief. Choose Assuage for comfort when you need it.